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Explain the performance of high-end functional medical fabrics for you

Sep. 01, 2020

1. Anti-seeding: After the polyester raw material is melted, the titanium dioxide fine particles are added to the solution, and each spinning part which is sent into the spinning box by extrusion is accurately metered and filtered by the metering pump, and then sprayed from the spinning hole of the spinneret. The sprayed solution fine stream is cooled and solidified into a strand by the cooling airflow. The strand utilizes the high refractive index particle diameter of the titanium dioxide microparticles or the powder to shield the visible light, thereby achieving a matting effect, and the fabric has anti-transparency energy.

2. Long-acting antibacterial and antibacterial: Antibacterial is divided into organic antibacterial and inorganic antibacterial. Organic antibacterial is biological antibacterial. Antibiotic is extracted from animal carapace or plant stem and fruit, which can degrade, absorb good, safe and environmentally friendly. It is a "green finishing agent", but it can be lost due to factors such as washing, thereby reducing the antibacterial effect.we are functional fabric suppliers and provide medical fabric,you can know it.

Inorganic antibacterial is the application of nanotechnology, the nano material TO2, Ag20 plasma is mixed into the spinning solution to produce synthetic fiber with antibacterial properties, and the antibacterial property is stable and durable. Natural fibers represented by cotton cannot be added to the fabric by padding, coating, etc., because they cannot be added during the regrowth process.

The fabric treated with the antibacterial agent activates the silver and zinc ions in the presence of bacteria, exerts the sterilization effect, and rapidly kills the living bacteria, thereby making the fabric have the antibacterial function.

After 50 washes, it still has 99% efficacy and will not harm the human body or the environment.

3. Permanent anti-static: After the treated modified fiber is embedded in a certain proportion, it is embedded in an antistatic carbon fiber monomer originating in Japan for copolymerization, and a weak corona (surface resistance 10A, 9Q) by means of conductive fibers Discharge and discharge electricity, so that the fabric has no static electricity, effectively prevent the discomfort caused by static electricity to the human body, and also improve the safety index of special environmental work, prevent the adsorption of dust and particles by static electricity, and the anti-static effect is efficient and durable.we are functional fabric suppliers and provide medical fabric,you can know it.

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Explain the performance of high-end functional medical fabrics for you

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