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Four types of functional fabric popular in the market

Jul. 06, 2020

Four types of functional fabric popular in the market

One, quick-drying fabric

The clothing wearing this fabric is very comfortable, completely unable to feel the discomfort caused by the sweat during exercise; this fabric can make the sweat of the body discharge to the surface of the clothes faster; it can use the special weave to make the surface of the skin redundant. The sweat is exported to the outer layer of the fabric.

Two, UV protection fabric

The clothing wearing this fabric does not have to worry about the sun being sunburned by the sun; this fabric UV protection function (UPF 40+) can better protect the skin from UV rays, and the woven or woven sunscreen material depends on the fabric. Transfer, absorb, and reflect UV rays.

Three, windproof fleece fabric

It can meet the requirements of outdoor sportsmen for wind and warmth in cold weather; it has excellent windproof and warmth performance; it is a unique windproof fleece fabric for TNF.

Four, three anti-functional fabrics

The textile treated by the three-proof process has the functions of waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling and easy decontamination. For outdoor clothes, awnings, umbrellas, shoes, etc., it is inconvenient to disassemble and clean in time. Perspiration, water stains, oil stains, stains, etc. invade the fabric and eventually penetrate into the inner layer, affecting the comfort of use. Therefore, the three-proof finishing in such fabrics can improve the comfort of use.

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Four types of functional fabric popular in the market

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