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How to look at the fabric when choosing a doctor's suit, what are the requirements for the fabric?

Sep. 12, 2020

Due to the special use environment of the doctor's clothing, the fabric and manufacturing process are obviously different from ordinary textiles and are more professional.

For the doctor's clothing, the details are also determined to be successful or not. The doctor's clothes are generally cleaned more frequently. The jujube craft and the professional fabrics used in the chest and lacing of the clothes will increase the durability of the whole clothes by more than 2 times.

Dressing inside the doctor's suit:

The doctor's suit is dressed in unisex style, and there are many colors to choose from, which can distinguish the department. The design of the doctor's inner garments requires prominent points. For example, according to the ergonomic design principle, there are dividing lines in the parts with more frequent physical activities, and wearing a sense of restraint. According to the human body curve, the corresponding parts are retracted. The design makes the upper body of the clothes more beautiful, and the details of the pockets and other products are designed according to the doctor's work habits, and the fabrics are matched with the super soft hand and excellent skin-friendly.

Doctors wear white coats:

The medical staff used to wear large dresses. Since the biologist Pasteur succeeded in using the disinfection method to stop the spread of the disease, the famous British doctor Lester applied the "Pasteurization Method" to medicine and presided over the hospital. The reform changed the original costume into a white coat.

Because the people exposed to the medical staff will bring different pathogens, and the medical staff themselves will carry the bacterial virus, which will bring danger to the patients with low resistance. In order to prevent cross-infection and protect the health of medical staff and patients, a large white coat with a large barrier area was used as a work clothes.

Doctor's suit split suit:

The overall style of the doctor's suit is clean, simple and elegant, with personalized features and humanized service concept. The upper and lower split styles are more convenient and practical.

The neckline adopts multi-lamination line technology, which is low-key and simple, which adds dynamic vitality to the clothes, breaks the dull feeling of the clothes, and is smart and beautiful; the split suit is a foreign general style, which is also a development trend, convenient and beautiful.we are functional fabric suppliers and provide medical fabric,you can know it.

The simple and simple design makes people more comfortable, stylish and has a better wearing experience. Shusi Polyester fabric, excellent anti-reflection, permanent anti-static; not wrinkle, no deformation, easy to care, breathable and so on, to bring a better dressing experience for doctors, and better work efficiency.

We are unique in the industry with its unique production process. Its products have been in short supply and are favored by customers. Our entrepreneurial spirit: science and technology, quality, excellence, honesty and trustworthiness. The company as always has "quality is successful, service is perfect"

How to look at the fabric when choosing a doctor's suit, what are the requirements for the fabric

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