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What Is TC Fabric

Apr. 10, 2021

What Is TC Fabric

TC fabric refers to tetron cotton. It is a combination of cotton and polyester, but the polyester yarn in the fabric always exceeds 50% of the total combination with cotton. TC fabrics are welcomed by people because of their excellent strength, durability, wrinkle resistance, high color fastness and good hygiene characteristics. It is often used for different types of uniform shirts; corporate image and heavy work wear clothes. We have a variety of TC fabrics in different compositions, weights, structures, yarn counts, designs and colors.

TC fabric is an issue that consumers are interested and eager to learn. TC is a fabric made of two materials, cotton and polyester, with proportions of 35% and 65% respectively. It is also called TC 65 35 cloth.

In addition, due to the synthesis of these two fibers, it is full of outstanding features, cotton and polyester product lines.

The most significant advantages of TC fabric

TC is one of the most widely used materials in today's life, because it has many superior advantages and can bring the greatest benefits to users. Here is the edge of TC fabrics, you can not ignore:

TC material has good water absorption

Because TC cloth is made of cotton cloth, it has good sweat permeability.

In addition, this suction power depends entirely on the proportion of cotton added to the canvas. The higher the cotton content, the stronger the water absorption. Suitable fabrics make clothes or pillows for babies.

TC ball and a soft cloth

In addition, canvas has a more lustrous and malleable cotton fiber and polyester fiber. Therefore, the producer can comfortably dye eye-catching colors and give excellent products a distinctive personality.

TC with high durability

TC fabric not only solves the shortcomings of cotton cloth wrinkling after washing. That is, after each laundry, the surface of the cloth remains as it is, calm or wrinkled. In addition, the fabric has a low underline, so it is easy to clean, durable, and has a long service life.

TC saves fabric prices

There are many advantages in quality, but TC fabrics are affordable and have created considerable suction power for many garment production units and consumers on the market.

How to protect the most suitable TC fabric

It is not difficult to protect and preserve TC cloth. First, when washing clothes, to ensure the durability of the product, you should soak it in cold water saturated soap for about 30 minutes. Or you can soak it overnight with a drainage cloth.

This method will always keep the fabric material being a softball. In particular, avoid using extremely white water products, otherwise the color of the fabric will be lost. Wash clothes gently and avoid scrubbing the surface, which will cause roughness.

In addition to keep the TC cloth fresh, please sort it before washing. It means that you don't need to soak it with other fabrics. Choose a cool and shady place during exposure. Excessive sunlight will reduce the durability of the product. In addition, the rain is also blown dry with an electric fan, without using a dryer to lose the gloss of the fabric surface.

The differences between TC fabric and TR fabric

1. TC viscose is a long fiber, and TR cotton is a short fiber. As long as the warp and weft yarns are not twisted, the length of the yarn fiber is enough.

2. Luster. TC cotton fiber is naturally curled and has a dull luster. TR looks brighter than TC.

3. The ambiguity of the fabric surface. TR is rarely raised, and the sag of the two is different. TR is more wrinkled. This depends on whether the untwisted yarn is filament or staple fiber. The filament is TR.

4. Distinguish in the water. The harder is the TR fabric, because viscose has a higher wet mold strength.

5. Burning discrimination. TC burns with smoke and residual ash, and TR burns with jelly.

6. Feeling. TR feels softer and has a fluffy surface, while TC cotton fiber is shorter than rayon and has a natural feel.

7. Different uses. Common TC fabrics such as denim, shirt cloth, TR cloth generally have good drape, and are often used as men's and women's suits.

We are TC Fabric manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.

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