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Flannel Fabric

Flannel is the general name of all kinds of cotton cloth processed by raising. From the choice of materials to the process are strictly controlled.

Product Description

Flannel Fabric

Flannel is the general name of all kinds of cotton cloth processed by raising. From the choice of materials to the process are strictly controlled. With reactive printing and coating printing, it can also have the function of flame retardant. Flannel is divided into single-side flannel which is twill, also known as serge flannel, double-side flannel which is plain, soft and smooth to the hand, comfortable to wear, good heat retention, super skin-friendly, no fading. Flannel is suitable for making children's clothes, underwear, pajamas, etc.

What is the fabric of flannel?

First, the surface of the flannel has a full and delicate fluff covering, not only soft and not leaking, it is thick and warm, and it is finished by fluffing and raising, full-feeling and fine suede, flannel fabric The color is pure and generous, with light gray, medium gray and dark gray. It is suitable for spring and autumn men's and women's tops and trousers.

Second, the flannel fabric has been continuously developed, from the previous only gray to taste can now produce a variety of colors, pink, sky blue, purple, yellow, etc., beautiful color and comfortable texture is beautiful, and the flange The gram weight of the velvet is high, the plush is relatively fine and dense, and the cost is high but the warmth is good.

Flannel fabric is good

I. Regarding the problem of flannel fabrics, I believe that after you have seen the characteristics of flannel, you have a certain understanding. Flannel fabrics are of good quality compared with other fleece, for example, compared with coral fleece. The flannel fabric is made of wool blended with wool by dyeing technique before weaving. It is not only made of twill weave and flat weave, but also fluffed and napped to make flannel fabric. It has the advantages of softness, comfort and tightness.

Second, from the finished products on the market, it can be found that the flannel fabric is thicker than other fluff, and the density of the fleece is very high, and the fluff density of the coral fleece is relatively relatively sparse, because the raw materials The feel of the different fluff is also slightly different. The feel of the flannel fabric is more delicate and soft, and the flannel fabric made of wool is thicker and warmer than the coral fleece.

What is flannel fabric

There are many kinds of home textile fabrics, different fabrics have their own different characteristics, and home textile fabrics are indispensable in life. Among the many textile fabrics, flannel is one of the more new fabrics, which is different from cotton, linen and silk fabrics.

What is flannel fabric

The word flannel is a foreign language, a soft and suede fabric woven from carded wool yarn. Domestically, it is a woven woolen fabric with a mixed-color carded yarn. The layer is full of fine fluff and the hand feels soft and flat.

The production of flannel firstly dyes part of the wool, then blends a part of the original color wool, and mixes it into a mixed color yarn. The woven fabric is finished by fluffing and plucking. Most of them are twill weave, and also use plain weave. In addition to the whole hair, the raw materials used are generally wool-blend blends, and some are mixed with a small amount of nylon fibers for improving wear resistance.

Flannel fabric features

The color of the flannel is relatively elegant, and the colors are mostly light-colored and gray. It will be more suitable for men's and women's clothing in spring and autumn. Because the flannel is high in weight, the plush is fine and dense, the fabric is thick and the cost is high, but its warmth is very good.

The flannel's face is covered with a full layer of fluff, no texture, the hand is very soft and flat, and the body is slightly thinner than Melton. Finished by fluffing and raising, its hand feels full and the suede is delicate.

Use of flannel fabric

The flannel fabric has a full layer of fluff on the face, and the flannel has a fine suede, so it is a very good fabric choice for making trousers, tops and children's wear. And some thin flannel can also be used to make shirts and skirts.

The original flannel is made of fine wool with 64 yarns, and more than 12 upper carded yarns for warp and weft. The fabric has plain weave, twill, etc. It is finished by fluffing and raising, and the hand feels full and the suede is fine.

It is usually dyed with loose fibers, mainly in black and white mixed colors with different shades of gray or light brown and milky white. Today's flannel fabrics also have a pattern of dyed plain and plaid, striped and other patterns. Some flannel fabrics also use combed wool or cotton yarn as the warp, carded yarn for weft, and carded yarn is sometimes blended with a small amount of cotton or viscose.

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Flannel Fabric

Material:100% CottonWidth:43/44"
Supply Type:Make-to-OrderTechnics:Woven
Type:Flannel FabricUse:Garment
Yarn Count:20X10
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