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T/C Work Wear Uniform Fabric

The fabric has T/C twill, plain weave, yarn card, elastic cloth and other varieties, the fabric is sturdy and durable,it can be waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, anti-static, resin anti-wrinkle and flame retardant, can be used for shirts, shirts, pants, and other kinds of workwear uniform , school uniform and casual wear.

Product Description

The fabric has T/C twill, plain weave, yarn card, elastic cloth and other varieties, the fabric is sturdy and durable,it can be waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, anti-static, resin anti-wrinkle and flame retardant, can be used for shirts, shirts, pants, and other kinds of workwear uniform, school uniform and casual wear.

Workwear fabric:

a.Melden. Imported wool or domestic first-grade wool, woven with a small amount of worsted short hair. The face is plump, smooth and flat, the body is tight and firm, flexible, can not afford the ball, does not reveal the bottom. It is advisable to wear men's and women's clothing and women's coats.

b.Navy. This type of workwear fabric is woven with primary and secondary domestic wool and a small amount of worsted short hair. The surface is fine and soft, and the hand feels firm and elastic. Some products have fluffing. Use with Melden.

c uniforms. Use a small amount of finely spun wool and short wool woven with three or four grade domestic wool. The surface is flat, the handle is slightly rough, there is grabbing hair, and it is obviously exposed after wearing for a long time, but it is strong and durable. Should be a uniform.

d.Flannel. The surface is mixed with gray and white, the suede has a slight appearance, and the hand feels plump, smooth and elegant. Should be men and women spring and autumn clothing.

e.Rough tweed. This type of workwear fabric is made of 1 to 3 grade domestic wool mixed with some viscose. The face is thick, strong and durable, and has a wide variety of colors. Should be men and women spring and autumn dual-use shirts and high-end children's wear.

f.Pure polyester tweed. The surface is smooth and clean, the strip shape is clear, the hand feels quite, cool, easy to wash and dry, easy to fluff after wearing for a long time. Should be done for men and women spring and autumn.

g.Polyester tweed (fast bar). Polyester 50~65%, viscose silk 50~35%, strong hair style, full and thick handfeel, good elasticity and low price. Should be men and women spring and autumn clothing

h.Knitted pure polyester. The texture is soft, the elasticity is good, the appearance is full, crisp, easy to wash and dry. Should be men and women spring and autumn clothing.

i.Woollen wool is commonly known as “coarse material”. Due to the large difference in raw material quality, the gap between fabrics is also large.

j.Coats. There are varieties of flat, velvet, shun, and flower. Rich texture and strong warmth.

Different types of workwear fabrics, different feels, and different application scopes, specifically choose which ones to combine with their own characteristics for consultation.

How to choose work clothes fabric when customizing work clothes?

About how to customize the overalls, how to choose the style, these are the headaches of the buyers. For the experienced workers, the first thing to do is to carefully ask the customer's working environment, sum up a set of suitable solutions for the company, and then carry out the fabric. The choice, the door to the body, and then using advanced technology to produce, the production of exclusive work clothes belonging to the company's funds, a set of good custom work clothes not only the image of the company can be deeply rooted in people's hearts, employees are also very comfortable to wear. So how do you choose workwear fabrics when customizing your overalls? Share them below.

According to the needs of the working environment, the labor intensity of polyester/cotton is large, and it is reasonable to choose which kind of durable and wearable custom-made work clothes fabric. The price is reasonable. Many customers ask you if you have pure cotton, but we do not recommend pure cotton or cotton. Not only is the price expensive, but the other is easy to wrinkle, the color fastness is so little, and it is easy to fade.

The quality of custom-made workwear fabrics must be reliable. Regardless of the fabrics of the above-mentioned polyester-cotton, CVC, and cotton custom-made overalls, it must be guaranteed that the ball is not lost. Manufacturers can be required to provide samples or samples, seal samples, and also facilitate quality inspection when receiving goods.

Customized professional work clothes should be convenient, which requires the manufacturer's size must be full, because the looseness of the overalls is generally not required, so it is very important to try on the clothes.

Don't buy ready-made work clothes. It's big, medium, and small. It's either very thin or fat, it's a set number and a measure.

Scientific and rational custom workwear design can make the whole workplace look neat, unified, clean, coordinated, and production rhythm, so that the operator can be excited, reduce fatigue and improve work efficiency.

This is also an important part of the modern enterprise organization civilized production. The above is about selecting the content of the overalls fabric, I hope to help everyone.

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workwear fabric price list
NumberNameSpecificationCompositionWidthGSMPrice  FOB (per/yard)
1spandex poplin30x32+40D 130X70100% cotton56/58"USD1.93
2spandex poplin40x40+40D 133x72C/SP 98/257/58"USD1.60
3spandex twill32X32+40D 116X70100% cotton56/57"USD1.87
4spandex drill21x21+70D 110X4897%cotton 3%spandex56/58"237USD1.86
tin word format
40x40+40D 146x8452/54"145USD1.70
6spantex twill   3/132X32+40D 108X56100% cotton57"USD1.67
7drill16x12 108x56100% cotton57/58"USD1.94
8canvas16+16x12+12 108x56100% cotton57/58"USD1.96
916X12 108X56CVC 60X4057/58"USD2.02
10twill20x10 120x60100% COTTON43/44"USD1.82
11drill20X16 120X60CVC 60/4057/58"USD1.74
12drill20x16 128x60100% cotton57/58"USD1.78
13twill20x20 108x58100% cotton57/58"USD1.59
14canvas21/2X10 72X40100% cotton57/58"USD1.88
15drill21x21 108x58100% cotton57/58"USD1.56
1621x21 60x58100% cotton57/58"USD1.29
17blue21X21 108X58CVC 60/4057/58"USD1.55
1830x30 68x68100% cotton57/58"USD1.24
19anti-static32/2X16 96X48100% cottonUSD1.81
202/1 twill32x32 130x70100% cotton57/58"144USD1.38
21twill32x32 130x70CVC 60/4057/58"USD1.38
22twill32x21 133x78100% cotton59/60"USD1.68
23reactive printing40x40 100x70100% cotton150cmUSD1.26
24coat printing40x40 110x70100% cottonUSD1.29
25poplin40x40 110x70rayon56/57"USD1.20
26poplin40x40 133x72100% cotton57/58"USD1.33
27poplin40x40 133x100100% cotton57/58"USD1.66
2860x60 90x88100% cotton55/56"USD1.01


Supply Type:Make-to-OrderTechnics:Woven
Type:fabric for work wearUse:uniform
Style:twill, plain, yarn card, elastic clothDensity:120X60, 108X56, 130X70
Yarn Count:21X16, 16X12, 32X32
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